Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yep, still bitter.

Not a lot of posting the past couple of days, because I've been traveling and crazy busy. Plus, I've been obsessed with a new toy because I just spent what amounts to a car payment on a vacuum cleaner. Good lord, I've joined the Dyson cult. For the money I spent, you would think it would have been created by Miles Dyson, and in addition to fabulously getting up cat hair, it would also travel in time. But hopefully not become self aware and terminate me with with of its own attachments.

Anyhoo, tonight is Idol night, and I'm really struggling to care. As you've heard me lament, my dear Irish lass Carly was unjustifiably given the boot last week. And other than David Cook, I'm not fond of any of the remaining contestants. So perhaps I'll give the show a half hearted blog tonight, or maybe I'll just watch the House episode I didn't get to last night.

In the meantime, my fellow Carly fans can enjoy these videos of her interview with EW over on Idoloatry. With extra eyeshadow and bonus black eyeliner, too! Woot!

On the same subject, here are 11 Tired Idol cliches.


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