Saturday, April 19, 2008

In Praise of Airlocks

SPOILERS for last night's BSG.

Funny. The blog has "done been lit up" (as those back in the motherland might say) the past few hours. The common search terms?

"Cally + annoying"
"Cally + airlock"
"Die + Cally"
"Hate + Cally"
"Whiny + Cally"

And in reflection, I must admit that though I was never moved by Nicki Clyne's acting, except in the beginning when she had to be nothing but cute, I was on board with her performance -- for the most part -- last night. Sadly, most of the performance was marred by the shrieking, mewling infant that has scarred my psyche worse than a resurrection bath with Brother Cavil. But smaller things, like her visit to Doc Cottle where she took a drag off his smoke, were well played.

So thanks for the memories, Cally. We'll decrease the number of survivors on the Dry Erase Board of Doom by one, and have a drink in your honor. A cold drink.

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