Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'll take potpourri for $1,000, Alex

Captain Mal is up for the lead on a new ABC show that sounds like a good fit. A "comedic procedural about a famous mystery novelist helping the NYPD solve crimes." I'll tune in.

Fantastic new Dark Knight poster
. (click on the links in the story to see two "international" posters which are also quite good). Despite a shaky third act, I loved the first "reboot" of the series, Batman Begins. I also remember seeing that flick in the theatre, which is a mixed bag. Yeah, the movie was great, but that was a bizarre night that should have sent me a message as bright as the Batsignal.

Story of the gruesome and funny production company credits at the end of BSG.

I think I know where to send the camera crews for this new reality debacle. Of course, it wouldn't be at a country club, and all the stuff has already been repossessed. Several times.

Six is making her way to another show I enjoy.

Speaking of entertaining USA shows, Maddie Hayes is Sean Spencer's mom.

One ranking of Joss's "10 finest moments." Probably not the 10 I would pick, but a fine list nonetheless. (h/t Whedonesque).

A Damn Good Dawg retires.

How to get from one side of the galaxy to the other very quickly. But complications may ensue.

An interesting opinion about the Falcons pick at #3 today. "Taking the wrong Matt." Yeah, it would make me very happy to see UGA's 7 in a Birds uni, but I want Stafford to stick around for 4 years, and not go pro after his junior year. (Of course, if by miracle of miracles, the Dawgs make it through a torturous schedule and wind up with a MNC, there'd be no reason for him to hang around the campus, and we all know he has the gun for the pro game).

Christina Ricci is a smart lass.

If not for the awful food and bad teeth, I think I'd fit in with the crowd in Britain.

While jogging around the apartment complex, I found an amusing "crime deterrent." On one of the ground level units, the resident had placed one of those "head shot" targets from the shooting range in the window, with bullet holes all in and around the bullseye. Probably much more effective than an alarm company sticker.

Great list of unanswered TV questions.

The 11 Most Awful Songs from Geek Movie Soundtracks. Some of the choices are spot-on, but I actually like a couple of the tunes (like "Kiss From a Rose" - but what the fuck does that mean?). But mostly, I enjoyed it for the writing. Worth checking out.

A guide to sci-fi deus ex machinas.

It's too bad Joss got into bed with FOX for Dollhouse, where it will probably be canceled after 4 episodes (cough*Drive*cough). This is an interesting development, and I would have much preferred to see Dollhouse on Showtime (and not just because Olivia Williams, Eliza Dushku and Amy Acker would be free of the puritanical standards and practices nazis. Mainly, because they can cultivate quality shows without the weekly pressure of the unwashed masses tuning in).

In praise of Bones. I think one of the reasons why I love Bones so much is that of all the procedurals, this one is really more about character than the mystery. And it so happens that I really like each and every character on Bones, unlike other procedurals, where there may be only one or two characters worth watching (Calleigh, Gil, Hodges, Lupo, Cutter, Munch, Prentiss, Penelope, Goren, etc). The back from the strike eps have been top notch, but next week will be a test of my patience. A baby? Shit, did they not read my screed about BSG last week?

Why didn't they have this at a playground near me as a kid?

Speaking of which, here's a guide to the women of intergalactic pimp, James T. Kirk.

I still can't get over Carly getting the boot on American Idol. I understand that David C has talent, and the stuffed Koala has a legion of tweens (plus, voters are probably afraid his dad would beat him studded belt if he loses). But Brooke and Psychlo Terl voted forward? You have got to be fucking kidding me. And this is even more distressing than anti-Irish, anti-talent bias: did mouth-breathing, fairy tale-believing, flat-earth, dimwitted jesus freaks spur a backlash? Over a thirty year old song? Maybe I could grow to love warm beer and fish and chips.

And what was Carly going to perform on Neil Diamond week? "Sweet Caroline," my favorite song of his. Fuck you, America. Fuck you.

However, whenever I think of Neil Diamond, I think of this. Never fails to make me laugh out loud. "...this next song I wrote after I killed a drifter to get an erection."

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