Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't cry for me, Argentina

Sadly, I'm out of town and won't be able to watch American Idol tomorrow night and live-blog the festivities as our contestants tackle Andrew Lloyd Webber. So if you tune into TNRLM for that on Tuesdays, I'm sorry, but Hampton Inns don't have TiVos, dammit.

However, if any of the regular readers want to take over and offer thoughts and reviews in the comments, that would be great. Just remember the usual drill:
  • Mention coffee houses and Battlefield Earth when Jason performs.
  • No review of Syesha is complete without the word "melisma."
  • A stuffed animal analogy is typically required when Archuletta does his squnity thing and the tweens swoon.
  • And dark eyeliner is always very, very good.
Thanks, and I'll see you peeps later this week.


  1. You asked for it!!! (don't read until you have watched!)

    I'm not nearly as fun and witty as you but here are my thoughts as we go along.

    Initially I am scared... ALW songs are BIG and I am just not sure the group can handle them.

    Up first is Syesha... great voice but as of yet has shown little personality and charisma. She is doing a song I don't know... but she is INCREDIBLE! Where has THIS girl been all season! Great voice... sexy and sassy and full of charisma. If she had been performing this way all season, she'd be the front runner by a mile! All 3 judges agree! Maybe this will be a fun night after all! I'll give her a 9.

    Up next is my sweet Pretty Boy Jason... (I refuse to say those terrible things about him that you do!) He's doing Memory from Cats... I'm scared... (will those people please quit waving their arms?) He never takes the song to the powerful place that you see in the show and as a result it's nice enough but lacking for me. Randy and Simon didn't like it, Paula tried to say she did... but even Jason didn't seem like he was thrilled. Yeesh. 5

    Brooke is next singing a song from Evita... Oh my god... She just started over after beginning the song. She has got to learn to keep going when she flubs a line! She is singing beautifully but I can only imagine her in concert on the tour telling the band to start over! Randy doesn't love it, Paula scolds her for the stopping, Simon is kinder than I expected. 4

    Cutie Pie David A is up next.. OK, so he really does look like a stuffed Koala I used to have! He's singing a Phantom of the Opera piece that he has completely changed from the original and I like the arrangement. His voice is well suited to these kinds of songs and I think he did a nice job. Nothing spectacular but very nice and solid. ALW did not look happy while applauding but Randy and Paula loved it. Simon was more in line with my thoughts - pleasant, nice, but forgettable. 7

    Now we have Carly... ALW talked her into a different song (the new one is from Jesus Christ Superstar) and he was completely right. For the first time in recent memory she actually looks comfortable performing, seems to have some fun on stage and belts out the song fabulously! Judges like this including Simon who said fave of the night. She pulls out a funny shirt that says "Simon loves me (this week)" and probably scored some charisma points by doing that. Smart. 8

    My fave, David Cook, is up next. He says he grew up doing musical theater - cool! Music of the Night from Phantom is his choice - tough song and I don't know if he can do it. Holy cow... he really is a freaking rock star. This guy can sing anything. Beautiful power note... sexy, sweet, sensual.. just as it should be. Just wow. Fantastic. Judges agree. Best of the night for me. 9++

    Best of the night by far - Syesha, Carly, David C

    Going home - Probably Brooke or Jason but I think Brooke.

    Can't wait to see what you think!

  2. Dammit, how can you say "don't read until you've watched?" Millions (read: half a dozen) blog junkies are dying to get this info, so alas, I read and posted this.

    I haven't seen shit yet, and I'm glad from your recap that Brooke screwed the pooch (speaking of which, I'm in a hotel with a Poodle convention. No shit. I shared an elevator with poodles tonight. that's a first) and that Psychlo Terl was awful. I'm not sure I'll ever connect with robo-Syesha, but I can't wait to get back to the TiVo and check out my two favorites, Carly and David C. Who it appears did well.

    Thanks for the special guest recap! More tomorrow or Thursday once I catch up.

    Ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause for our pinch hitting recapper, Meg!