Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fuck you, FOX

On one hand, it's easy to muster up some positive feelings for FOX. The gave us Arrested Development, after all, and stuck with it despite low ratings that would have gotten any other show on their networked axed immediately. They've given us House, 24 and Bones, which are still on the air.

But then there's the Minear question. They've signed this talented writer/producer to a deal, and then keep crapping on his shows with questionable support, herky-jerky scheduling and general asshattery. Wonderfalls. The Inside. Firefly. And now Drive. (Why don't they try to make this relationship work on FX, where more "cult" and "edgy" programs can thrive without the hourly ratings watch and pressures?)

Drive was supposed to air its final two episodes July 4. Then this Friday. And now those have been pulled from the schedule, again, and will only air at some indeterminate date over the internet.

For those interested in how some of the storylines might have played out, here's a candid interview with Minear and Craig Silverstein (hat tip to Whedonesque).

Sounds intriguing, but frankly, they had me at "young, hot, sociopath to be played by Eliza Dushku."

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