Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm marginally amusing.

As many of you know, one of the best sites on the interwebs is Television Without Pity (or TWOP, for short). I regularly read their hysterical recaps, and frequently post in some of the "geekier" forums (BSG, Trek, SG-1, etc., though I occasionally venture over into Big Love, Law and Order, Rescue Me, Lost and so on).

On some forums (or sub-forums), they'll have snarky titles for a particular thread. For example, in the Star Trek:TNG forum, they have one called "Where no one has sucked before: Worst Episodes." Or in BSG, the spoiler thread is called "Boomer's a What??!"

The thread for The 4400 was always called "Is this because I'm a scientologist?" (Which was funny enough because of the obvious parallels to The 4400 Centre on the show, but equally amusing when you think of it in terms of Serena from Law and Order).

Anyway, the moderator suggested that a new thread title was needed as the new season kicked off on Sunday, and I offered the following:

The 4400: Original Recipe and Extra Crispy - not just chicken anymore.

The 4400: Turning green with Messiah Envy.

The 4400: Back from the future without a flux capacitor.

The 4400: More or less. We're bad at math.

You really have to watch the show to appreciate those, but one of them was chosen (the last one) as the new thread title. These things change frequently, but it is nice to bring a smile to the face of fellow nerds once in a while.

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