Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Welcome back, V!

After weeks of broadcasting single moms whoring up it (no thanks, CW. Had enough of that last year), the last place network finally returns quality to the tube with Veronica Mars. Though the plot and themes were a little heavy handed (not all Middle Eastern restaurateurs are terrorists! Underage drinking is bad!), Veronica is consistently one of the most quote-worthy shows this side of House.

First up, some Whodats?

Anthony Azizi, who played the dad/proprietor of Babylon Gardens, has played potential terrorists on two separate days of 24. He was also the history teacher Bree's daughter was banging on Desperate Housewives.

Jack McGee was the bar owner who bought enough raffle tickets to keep Sheriff Lamb off his case (RIP, Lamb). He's best known recently as the Chief on Rescue Me. (And did anyone catch the name of the police department softball team in that photo? "Excessive Force." Hee).

Finally, the graffiti victim who hired V, Carole (Raphaelle) Davis I instantly recognized from the final season Angel episode, "The Girl in Question." She played the head of Wolfram and Hart's Rome branch, with a notorious dislike for gypsies. ("Dirty tricks for dirty people. Like gypsies. (spit!) We will speak of them no more!")

As for the mysteries on this Very Special Episode (cue starburst and "more you know" rainbow), they were decent enough. Basically, the terrorism graffiti was not done by typical redneck bigots, but by the bigoted and undocumented cook who had a hankering for the owner's daughter (who loved a jewish boy! Montagues and Capulets, y'all!). Also, there was underage drinking going on near a college campus (Shock!). Keith writes some citations, and fires most of the deputies when they choose to let boys be boys and get their drink on with fake IDs.

On the interpersonal front, Logan seems to really like Parker and throws her a birthday party. Logan is much, much funnier when he's bitter or organizing bumfights. Parker is still annoying. Adorable Mac is still dating the animal rights nutbag, but gets cozy on the couch (the "social foxhole") with Max, who had his heart broken by a hooker. Dick goes to myspace to find dates (note the plural) for the party, "both eager to meet the Dickster." Even though he quotes The Big Lebowski ("the dude abides"), the gals team up to lock him in the ice machine alcove and ruin his dreams of a threesome. Finally, Wallace scolds V for leading poor Piz on and after she tells him the dreaded "I'm confused, and let's be friends." He finally mans up, plants one on her and makes a dramatic exit. Only to be stopped by the elevator. V catches him, and it would appear that "Pizonica" is on. Except for the fact that VM hasn't yet gotten a fourth season pick up, and even if it does, Chris Lowell is heading over to Grey's Anatomy 2.0: Whining, Betraying and Fucking in a Fertility Clinic.

But despite the civics lesson, the episode brought the quotage:

"He hates hate crimes."
"Keep up, Towelie."
A fantastic Pulp Fiction riff, featuring "say what again" and "check out the big brain on Brett!"
Mac and Logan taking an amusing stroll down teen movie plots.
"It's like I'm dating a young Omar Sharif. Desert Fever."
Fun with bad fake IDs: "This picture is Jon Bon Jovi." "Biggie Smalls? We don't really all look alike, Mr. Mars."

Good luck in the ratings, Veronica!

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