Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mind Blown.

Then put back together, then blown again. This whole "spoiler free" thing I'm doing freaked my shit out for the first major time last night watching the "The Man Behind the Curtain" episode of Lost.

So let me get this straight:

  • John Locke got shot by Ben and may or may not be on his way to dying? (Say it ain't so!)
  • Ben was lying (not too shocking) and not born on the island, but instead in a forest 32 miles outside of Portland? Isn't this were Mittelos Bioscience was founded?
  • Batmanuel apparently doesn't age. And he can obviously go from the island to Portland and back again?
  • Another island person has father issues.
  • The Dharma folks were on the island to figure out peace, love and understanding, only to be "purged" by other folks ("hostiles") who were already there?
  • Ben's dead pop was the corpse in the VW microbus, who was gassed by Ben himself?
  • The mysterious Jacob could be a figment of Ben's imagination, a real "ghost, some type of ethereal person with psychic abilities who hates flashlights and dresses in older period costumes, that Locke can hear too? And he's asking Locke for help? And in his funky, Blair Witch cabin he keeps bizarre paintings of dogs and jars of ooky red fluid?
  • It appeared some (or at least one) of the bodies in the Dharma open grave had a bullethole in its head?
  • The sonic fence can be adjusted so that instead of killing you and keeping out the smoke monster, it just leaves you "mostly dead?"
  • Naomi recovered quickly, didn't she?
  • Juliet really is trying to help the Losties?
  • And Jack is taking his own sweet time, on his own, to formulate his strategy to combat the Others? And he knew about Juliet's tape recorder all along?
  • Now everybody knows that Jin's boys couldn't swim previously? And now everybody knows that Jin's boys do swim on the island? Including Jin, who didn't know that previously?
  • As a child, Ben saw his dead mother on the island, wearing the same thing as the little wooden doll that his friend Annie gave him for his birthday?
  • Ben's grip on the Others may be loosening, as Batmanuel and Tom watched Locke put a beat down on Mikhail? And why was Ben in charge after all this time, if Batmanuel doesn't age and has been involved someway since "the beginning" when Ben was but a visiting child?
  • Does the fact that Ben's mom died during childbirth (at 7 months) have anything to do with all the pregnancy shenanigans on the island?
  • Ben apparently likes white rabbits.
  • The island's volcano has erupted at some point, and does the gray powder all around Jacob's cabin have anything to do with that?
  • And again -- they couldn't really fucking kill Locke, could they?
  • If the Dharma Initiative is dead, how come they kept dropping supplies?
  • And if Dharma was "purged," then who "employed" Inman and Desmond to man the station/hatch?

Whew. As Jacob said, "Help Me!"

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