Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Whodat?

Friday's Raines (good yet again) had some familiar names. First, it was directed by Starsky! Also, the drunk judge, who killed his wife and put a hit on the Russian hooker whom he brought into a threesome (and eventually wound up getting the wife off drugs and becoming lesbian BFF), before eventually serving justice by jumping out the courthouse bathroom window and setting off car alarms, was Mark Harelik. A frequent guest star, Harelik was great in genre shows like Angel (obsessed count in "Waiting in the Wings") and ST: Voyager (inspector who got Janeway dewy in a series of double crosses).

I was all set to watch the final (damn you, NBC) eps of Andy Barker, PI last night, only to find out that adding insult to injury, my local station was pre-empting them for some local crap about community awards. Great. Fortunately, the remaining 2 eps of this classic and hysterical comedy are available online at (you owe it to yourself to got watch them, if you haven't take my sage advice and done it already). In "The Big No Sleep," we had another Batmanuel sighting (Nestor Carbonell, who has been popping up on our favorite island show lately as Dr. Halpert). He played the doctor running scams with vapid trophy wives. His "confession" scene at the airport is worth the price of admission.

In the last eppy, "The Lady Varnishes," Ed Asner was Lew's old partner, James Hong (recently seen on Bones, as noted on this blog) and Amy Sedaris was the wrongly convicted femme fatale, with the overactive sex drive and wooden leg.

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