Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Making it rain, entertainment style

Whereby we throw up a bunch of $1 entertainment nuggets onto the stage and see which STDs take them home.

Rosie O'Donnell is leaving The View. Now, they'll have to rely on Elisabeth Hasselbeck for cogent political commentary. And Donald Trump can focus on the dwindling ratings for his reality train wreck. An Rosie can work with Michael Moore and Oliver Stone on a movie about how the Illuminati, the Shriners, George Bush and David Stern (and his frozen envelope) were responsible for 9/11, Sanjaya and a faked moon landing.

Heather Mills and her leg got "booted" from Dancing with the Stars. Poor thing. Now she'll just have to worry about scraping by on the royalties from Sgt. Pepper. Which I've heard that she didn't write or sing on, either. Weird how that works.

The unevenly hysterical Robot Chicken is taking on Star Wars. With the blessing of the big kahuna himself.

Some 18 year old single mother named "Asia" will now take her place of honor alongside the other role models for for today's young women as the next "Pussycat Doll." That's just fantastic. I'm sure her kid will be so proud, and use her as a reference when she takes the pole in a few years. The silver lining to this whoreathon being over? Veronica Mars returns next week!

Is there something on the Lifetime network that I would watch? Possibly so.

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