Thursday, April 12, 2007

I'll be her Romeo any day

Of course, that means we'd wind up dead. Which in my experience, would seem to be par for the course of love.

Last night, Lost delivered another in a stunning series of exceptional episodes. (In fact, it was so good, I didn't even notice the absence of Locke). I was going to draft a long, analytical post filled with praise, observations and insight, but wound up writing about pigs all day (long story. And strangely, it's not about last year). However, a few things that really rocked the house in "One of Us:"

  • Sayid's questioning of Juliet.
  • Sawyer and Sayid playing "bad cop" and getting morally bitch-slapped by Juliet.
  • Anytime, any episode, where Ben is on the screen.
  • Chugging the spiked OJ of mysterious travel.
  • Herarat Aviation. Could be "Her A Rat." Could be an anagram of "Earhart," as in Amelia (got "lost" in a plane, ya know? And remember those two skeletons in the cave way back when?). The whole company name could be an anagram for "a variation earth."
  • More good work from Batmanuel.
  • "Well, if it ain't three men and a baby. I counted Hugo twice."
  • Mikhail's creepy info center, and the heartbreaking reaction of Juliet to the video of her sister and child.
  • Curing cancer but preventing childbirth? Give me the fucking OJ, I'm moving there NOW.
  • The twist at the end, with Juliet and Ben planning this all along. Question is, how much does Jack know? Has he figured this out? Or duped by a hot chick again? (I feel, Jack).
  • And what's gonna happen in one week, island time?

Great, great stuff. I was also going to gush about my burgeoning love affair with Juliet (and Elizabeth Mitchell's delicious performance), but I noticed someone already did it much better than I. Check out TV Guide's Matt Roush, complete with Shakespearean reference.

"Other"-worldly indeed.

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