Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Even a fetus will lie

Why wouldn't a fetus lie? Everyone else does, according to Dr. Gregory House. And me.

Last night's House was entertaining, and threw a bit of twist on the formula by having Cuddy play the House role, even if it was a bit overly sentimental and maudlin.

I generally fast forward through or skip entirely all the maternal angst, but at least in this one House represented a more antagonistic and unpopular opinion, until his pragmatism had to cop out and melt at the end, under the withering force of a sensationalized pro-life tiny hand and Cuddy's annoying I have no identity unless I spawn character assassination.

Still, there was the usual snark:
  • Mom about her gay sperm donor: "He took a magazine and a cup into the bathroom." House: "A man after my own heart. With a different magazine, obviously."
  • "Vacationing in Cambodia? Gonna unwind in the killing fields?"
  • "Who are the Jews in this metaphor?"
  • "Chase just agreed because he didn't want to lose his all access pass to her love rug."
  • "Stale pee is useless pee."
  • "Be patient, she's going through all of us. She'll get that jungle fever eventually."
  • 'I just realized I forgot to TiVo Alien.''

And despite my boredom with her story line, Lisa Edelstein acted the hell out her scenes. Interesting that Cuddy warned Cameron about being the one hurt in her "friends with benefits" relationship with Chase, even though it's poor puppy dog Chase that's obviously going to be the one thrown under the relationship bus.

Decent episode saved (as usual) by well crafted smart-assery. Average B. I can only hope they don't put Cuddy's womb on the train to Voglerville or Trittertown. Next week looks to be a bit outside the normal box and quite exciting.

Whodat?: The guest star photographer was Anne Ramsay, who played Brenda's boss on Six Feet Under and also appeared on a couple of Star Trek: TNGs as Ensign Clancy.

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