Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The .07% Solution

Heroes was back last night after a long, long hiatus, and delivered a very good episode.

Linderman wants to let someone (are we sure it's Peter?) blow up New York, to unite the world behind a strong President. After all, it's only .07% of the population, and since it would include the Mets, Isaiah Thomas and Jeremy Shockey, I'm all for the idea. Peter seems to warm to the idea after, after watching Linderman heal a plant. (Maybe he thinks Linderman can make his wife walk again, and stop pining after Jack Bauer?). Oh, and Alan Moore and "Watchmen" called, and want their plot back.

HRG mentally guides Matt and Unabomber lookalike Ted in an escape from Primatech paper and to a diner, where Matt finally realizes that HG is "middle management." Hee.

Sylar and Peter have a mini-throwdown, complete with great special effects on glass projectiles. Sylar is awesome when he realizes Peter can turn invisible and decides he wants that power, too. Peter evidences questionable strategic skills after being invisible, by simply standing in the same spot he was in before, and TURNING HIS BACK to the psychotic, loony killer and getting a large shard in the back of his head. Somehow, Sylar escapes, Mohinder recovers (and neither one killed the other while one or both were incapacitated) and finds a cabbie who doesn't mind dragging corpses all over New York.

Claire gets some fuzzy exposition from her grandmother, who doesn't explain why her earlobes are so large. Maybe that's her superpower. Claire also remembers that sharp objects stuck into the brain limit the regeneration process and pulls the glass out of Peter's head, leading to a bizarre Petrelli family reunion. Best line: Nathan, to Claire, about Mama Petrelli: "She warms up. Sort of."

Candace imitates Claire and Jessica, but still looks best dressed in her own threads like a horny catholic schoolgirl.

Isaac gets crucified by paintbrushes and has his brains absorbed, but not before cartooning the way to kill Sylar and sending it the comics. Sylar doesn't draw as well as Isaac, though, and paints Nathan looking green in the oval office. (Maybe like Bush the elder at one of those Japanese state dinners?)

Hiro and Ando go into the future and meet "another" Hiro, and my head hurts when I contemplate time travel stories.

Welcome back Heroes! B+

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