Friday, March 30, 2007

Watch this show!

If you're not watching Andy Barker PI, you're missing the funniest show on TV right now, and the most laugh out loud sitcom I've seen since Arrested Development. It's an absurdist mix of deadpan humor, brilliant comic acting, bizarre characters, sleuthly film noir and the TV detective conventions of the 70s (you expect "A Quinn Martin production" to appear during the retro credits).

Here's some good pimping for the show from Slate.

The pilot, like most pilots, is not exactly perfect and not quite as chuckle-worthy as the subsequent episodes. But the rest of the episodes are instant classics, like the one I watched from last night, "Three Days of the Chicken." How can you not love a story centered around a "murderous chicken cartel?" Where someone says "Everybody eats chicken. Some, like me, for revenge." Or where the gruff old detective says goodbye to a long gone lover with this sentiment: "So long sweetheart. Somewhere in hell, somebody's putting the wood to a quality broad."

If you've been missing out, catch full episodes on NBC. (like I said, the pilot is hit and miss, but the rest are fantastic). You owe it to yourself to check 'em out. And if you're a Nielsen family, watch it live you fuckers.

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