Thursday, March 29, 2007

So Lando Calrissian is "The Cobra?"

I'm sure last night's episode of Lost divided a lot of viewers. Many hated the "addition" of Nikki and Paulo to the cast, only to have them do nothing except occasionally visit the loo and look good in a bikini.

Personally, I thought "Expose" was another in a string of excellent episodes (except the Jack's tattoos nonsense) since returning from the hiatus. There were so many excellent "meta" lines and scenarios, all chuckle worthy. A sampling:

  • Nikki: "I'm a guest star. Of course I have to die." Director: "You don't have to be dead. We can always bring you back next season."
  • Sawyer's continued refrains of "who are you?" and "who the hell are you?"
  • Paulo's chef being referred to as the "Brazilian Wolfgang Puck." (When Rodrigo Santoro was cast, many press releases called him "the Brazilian Tom Cruise.")
  • Paulo's comment on the other plane: "If I go up there, that thing's gonna fall."
  • Shannon's comment to Kate about her "two boyfriends."
  • Nikki's comment to Paulo after watching Shannon get her bitch on with Boone: "promise me we'll never end up like them."
Other Losty Goodness:

Billy Dee Williams -- Lando Calrissian! -- turning up in the campy "Expose!" TV show as kind of a "Charlie" to a bunch of skanky stripper "Angels." And his "Mr. LaShade" turns out to be the villainous "Cobra" of the show? Funny.

Nice to see Boone and Shannon turning up (albeit with bad wigs of a Shatnerian level), along with the always entertaining Dr. Artz.

Was Locke watching "Expose" last week when the kid showed up at his place?

"Is there a forensics hatch I don't know about?"

"As far as superpowers go, yours is kinda lame."

So Paulo knew about Ben and Juliet's little plot? And the plane and the hatch? Don't these people ever fucking talk?

Was there the "monster" sound, just before the spiders bit Nikki?

Artz proclaiming that "the pigs can walk!" (From Orwell's Animal Farm).

I didn't read any spoilers for this one, and the twist at the end was ultra creepy. A nice ironic touch, in the "everything you want, in the worst possible way," with how Nikki and Paulo ended up. He got to be with her, and she got the diamonds. Will we see more of them? Because as Locke said earlier in the episode, "things on this island don't stay buried for long."

An unexpected A

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