Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Making it rain

Whereby we throw up a bunch of $1 entertainment nuggets onto the stage and see which STDs take them home.

Great article on John Locke, the "heart" of Lost, here. Last week's episode was a classic and among the best of the series. Of course, tonight, we have to deal with Nicki and Paulo. (In case you're wondering, like many other faithful viewers, that would be "and who are you?" and "I like to poop.") On the bright side, I think Artz ("uh, dude, you've got some Artz on you") shows up again, along with Boone and Shannon.

Not entertainment exactly, but a very funny parody of the Pac-Man Jones situation over on Deadspin.

Please make this happen. I'd be willing to forget all about the confusing and wouldn't make sense after a peyote and blotter acid bender alien conspiracy plotline.

Teen movie or biblical epic? Doesn't matter, because this is funny.

Thora Birch's dad is fucked up. If that acting thing doesn't work out, she'll probably become a stripper.

MNF fans rejoice. College football fans shudder in terror.

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