Friday, March 20, 2009

All those years of med school, and I'm a janitor?

Wednesday's Lost was yet another enjoyable romp through the trippy Dharma days, putting all the pieces in place and setting the stage for a run to the season end game.

Basically, we had Sawyer trying to integrate the returning O6ers into the DI back in 1977, while Sun, Lapidus, Ben, our two new characters and (presumably) a bunch of redshirts are stuck in the "present" with a soon to be resurrected Locke and a strangely "tangible" Christian Sheppard.

I'm really enjoying the new "read a book at night like Churchill" leadership of Sawyer, and his quick thinking in handling the Dharma registration (along with Juliet) and the capture of Sayid. And while he has every right to rub Jack's nose in some of the good doctor's decisions gone awry, I thought their final scenes together were written a little too archly. Wouldn't a skilled conman have played things with Jack a little closer to the vest? Inspire confidence and engender some trust, at least on the surface, rather than risk agitating a headstrong wild card? Sawyer and Juliet have a good thing going there in the 70s, so why get things off the rails by pissing off Jack and openly mooning for Kate? Other than that, "Namaste" was filled with the usual goodness, questions, answers and quotes:

"Dude, your English is awesome."

I understand we had to get Jack and company integrated into the DI, but it seems like it was way too easy to change a sub manifest and make it all happen.

What happened to Faraday? When asked if he's "here," Sawyer just says "not anymore." Is that mentally? Spatially? Chronologically? Also, I tweeted on this yesterday, but the problems many of us were having reconciling Charlotte's age with the little red headed girl Dan spotted in the DI are simply a "mistake." In their official Lost podcast, Darlton said that Charlotte was originally intended to be an older character, one that would have been a young, red headed girl in 1977. However, actress Rebecca Mader (born in 1979, BTW) didn't want to play someone in her late 30s, so the line where Ben gives her birthdate was changed to say that the character was born in 1979, and it wasn't caught in the editing process. So, no big time traveling mysteries here. Just a rare continuity error, and Charlotte was born in 1970, and it was her that Dan saw back in the DI days.

Speaking of birthdays, however, here's another one that doesn't quite line up. Amy's baby, we learned this week, is Ethan Rom. (And how great was Elizabeth Mitchell's subtle reaction to learning that little tidbit?) If Ethan was born in 1977, that would make him in his late 20s when Ethan encountered our Losties in 2004 and kidnapped Claire (and even younger when he helped Richard Alpert recruit Juliet). Does anyone think that William Mapother, who played Ethan, looked in his 20s? (The actor was born in 1965, which makes him around 40 when those scenes take place). Something more to this, or just one of those things we let go (like Walt getting so much bigger during 3 months of island time)? And why is his last name "Rom" and not "Goodspeed?"

Michael Emerson can get so much mileage out of such innocuous lines like “How would I know?” Plus, his response when Lapidus says that the freighter was filled with folks who wanted to get Ben, “And how did that work out for everyone?”

Note that Jack doesn't tell Sawyer that Ben was on Ajira Air 316. Nor does he mention Locke's body.

"It's how I like to run things. I think. I'm sure that doesn't mean that much to you, because back when you were calling the shots, you pretty much just reacted. See, you didn't think, Jack, and as I recall, a lot of people ended up dead."

Did Juliet leave Kate's name of the initial revised manifest just to make Kate squirm a bit? If so, you go, girl.

“Based on your aptitude test, you’ll be doing janitorial work.” Major HEE.

So young Ben, who was really well cast it appears, brings Sayid a sandwich, believing him to be one of the Hostiles. Hasn't young Ben already met the Hostiles at this point? Do we know for sure when Ben had his encounter with Richard in the jungle? Would he then view Sayid as a potential ally?

"Well, I appreciate your input there, Quick Draw."

How great was that little moment with Sawyer and Juliet looking for his UGA sweatshirt? There was a wonderfully played casualness that said quite a bit about their relationship and comfortable they are with each other.

'I ain't here to play Nostradamus to these people. Besides, Faraday's got some interesting theories on what we can and can't do here.''

"What if they ask us who's president in 1977?" (Sadly, many of us recall the answer to that question).

Remember back in season two, when Michael was instructed by Ben to bring 4 people to the dock in return for his son? Those four were Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sawyer. Is it a coincidence that those four Oceanic 816ers are now faux-DIers back in 1977 with young Ben?

Did we hear the numbers being broadcast in the "present?" What's up with that?

Is the version of Christian that Frank and Sun encountered in the old Dharma shack tangible? He certainly appeared so, since he was able to grab a picture off the wall and hand it to Sun. Has he always been this way? And who was the blonde chick in the shack, in the background? Is that supposed to be Claire?

All in all, another good one. Until next time, Namaste.

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  1. HAH!!! Beat you this time! By like 5 minutes, but it still counts.

    Couple of things you noticed that I didn't...don't know why I missed that Jack left Ben off of the 316 roll call, but I'm not surprised that he did. He likes to leave things out that might point to the fact that he really doesn't know what he's doing.

    As for his conversation with Sawyer, I think you've hit on the point, in a roundabout way...LeFleur ISN'T a con man. That was the old James. The new James is about doing the right thing for his people, rather than just looking out for himself.

    Interesting about the Charlotte timeline...even with a writing staff as good as this one, I guess things like that are going to sneak through occasionally.